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How to test and repair solar panels?
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How to test and repair solar panels?

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We know that after solar panels are produced, solar panels need to be tested and solar panels tested and maintained. Then, how to test, inspect and maintain solar panels? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Testing method

  • Inspection and maintenance

Testing method

Since the output power of solar panels depends on factors such as solar irradiance and solar cell temperature, the measurement of solar panels is carried out under standard conditions (STC), which is defined as air quality AM1.5 and light intensity 1000W/ m2, temperature 25℃.

The open-circuit voltage of the solar panel uses a 500W halogen tungsten lamp, a 0-250V AC transformer, and the light intensity is set to 3.8-40 million LUX. The distance between the lamp and the test platform is about 15-20CM, and the solar panel is directly tested. It is the open-circuit voltage.

Under this condition, the maximum power output by the solar panel is called peak power. In many cases, the peak power of the solar panel is usually measured with a solar simulator. The main factors that affect the output performance of solar panels are as follows: load impedance of solar panels, the sunshine intensity of solar panels, the temperature of solar panels, the shadow of solar panels.

Inspection and maintenance

Check whether the solar panels are damaged, find out in time, and replace them in time. Check whether the solar panel connection wire and the ground wire are in good contact and whether they are falling off. Check whether there is heat at the junction of the solar panel combiner box. Check whether the solar panel bracket is loose or broken. Check and clean up the weeds surrounding the solar panels that obscure the solar panels. Check whether there is any covering on the surface of the solar panel. Check the bird droppings on the surface of the solar panels and clean them if necessary. Appraise the cleanliness of solar panels. In windy weather, key inspections of solar panels and brackets should be carried out. The solar panels should be cleaned up in time in heavy snow to avoid freezing and freezing on the surface of the solar panels.

In heavy rain, check whether all solar panels are well-sealed for waterproofing and whether there is water leakage. Check whether any animals enter the power station to damage the solar panels. Hail weather should focus on inspection of the surface of the solar panel. Detect the temperature of the solar panel and compare it with the ambient temperature for analysis. It is necessary to deal with, analyze and summarize the problems of the solar panels that are checked out in a timely manner. Make a detailed record of each solar panel inspection to facilitate future analysis. Analyze and summarize the solar panel records and file them.

The manufacturer of Anhui JF Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (JF Solar) is committed to doing the best in the manufacture of solar panels. Every solar panel has been tested extensively and provides customers with methods of inspection and maintenance. If you are interested in the board, please contact us, our website is https://www.jf-solartech.com/.




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