What are the occupational hazards of solar module installation?
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What are the occupational hazards of solar module installation?

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Regarding photovoltaic occupational safety, there are different exposures according to the stage of participating in the production of solar modules. This can be divided into four stages. Exposure and its effects on worker health are intricately dependent on the stage of the photovoltaic life cycle, as well as the depth and duration of individual participation in the system. So what are the occupational hazards of solar module installation? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Solar module raw material mining and processing

  • Solar module construction and assembly

  • Install solar modules

  • Other hazards

Solar module raw material mining and processing

The hazards during the mining and processing stages of solar module raw materials are mainly chemical in nature. The mining and processing of raw materials for solar modules include crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon film, cadmium telluride film, copper indium selenium, copper indium gallium selenium, and gallium arsenide. These are highly toxic and flammable. Hazardous exposures can come from chemical burns, explosions, and inhalation of gas fumes. Other routes may include hand-to-mouth contact or accidental ingestion. Most solar modules start from quartz, and later solar modules are refined into elemental silicon, which has the risk of silicosis of lung disease.

Solar module construction and assembly

In the solar module manufacturing process, workers installing solar modules will be exposed to various toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals, such as telluride, cadmium telluride, gallium, and germanium, are still being studied. Other chemicals such as chlorosilane and hydrogen chloride are not only toxic when mixed with water, they are also highly volatile and explosive.

In the production of crystalline silicon solar modules, workers may be exposed to hydrofluoric acid or other acids and alkalis used for cleaning purposes, due to improper ventilation or the flammability of silane and doping gases and vapors, and silicon nitride deposition and x-Si A by-product of layer manufacturing. The extremely flammable SiH 4 gas used in the assembly of solar modules may cause other fire hazards. Exposure to cadmium compounds may cause cancer.

Install solar modules

Falling from a height is a major risk for solar module installers. The installation effectively combined three high-risk industries into one: roofing, carpentry, and electrical work. There is a risk of electric shock in the power cord of the solar module installed or nearby, as well as the ergonomic risk caused by heavy load or lack of lifting equipment when installing the solar module. Accidents may also occur when solar modules are installed during cold or heat stress and sunlight.

Other hazards

Many solar module technologies use highly toxic materials with unknown health and environmental consequences, including new nanomaterials and processes. Data on specific air emissions and liquid or solid effluents from solar modules and processing are limited.

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