What are the performance, applications, and advantages of photovoltaic modules?
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What are the performance, applications, and advantages of photovoltaic modules?

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Photovoltaic modules have certain performance, applications, and advantages. So what are the performance, applications, and advantages of photovoltaic modules? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • PV module performance

  • Photovoltaic applications

  • Photovoltaic advantages

PV module performance

The performance of photovoltaic modules is usually rated according to their maximum DC power output under standard test conditions. The standard test conditions for photovoltaic modules are defined by a module operating temperature of 25℃, an incident solar radiation level of 1000 W/m2, and an air quality 1.5 spectral distribution. Since these conditions are not always typical of PV modules operating on-site, the actual PV module performance is usually 85% to 90% of the STC rating.

Today's photovoltaic modules are extremely safe and reliable products with extremely low failure rates and estimated service life of 20 to 30 years. Most major manufacturers provide photovoltaic module warranties of 20 years or more to maintain a high percentage of the initial rated power output of photovoltaic modules. When choosing a photovoltaic module, please check the product list, qualification test, and warranty information in the photovoltaic module manufacturer's specification.

Photovoltaic module application

Photovoltaic modules have been routinely used for roadside emergency calls and many temporary construction signs. In these places, the cost and trouble of introducing mains electricity exceed the higher initial cost of photovoltaics, and mobile generator sets have more fuel and maintenance troubles. Now rely on photovoltaic modules as the main power source, and as people begin to understand the cleanliness and reliability of this photovoltaic module power supply and our current energy depth.

The cost of photovoltaic modules has now dropped to a level, not only making photovoltaic modules a clear choice for remote applications, but also those seeking environmentally safer solutions and independent of the ever-increasing utility cost of electricity. 

Advantages of photovoltaic modules

The solar energy provided by the photovoltaic module system can reduce water and electricity bills and avoid the impact of rising utility rates and price fluctuations caused by fluctuations in the energy prices of photovoltaic modules. The installation of photovoltaic module systems can increase property value and resale opportunities. The purchase of photovoltaic module systems can take advantage of available tax and financial incentives. Because photovoltaic modules do not rely on miles of exposed wires, residential photovoltaic module systems are more reliable than utilities, especially when the weather becomes severe.

Photovoltaic modules have no moving parts and degradation is very, very slow. Their service life is not yet fully understood, but it will be measured in decades. The photovoltaic module system is quiet, reliable, and fossil-free. Unlike mobile power sources, it avoids greenhouse gas emissions.

The manufacturer of Anhui JF Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (JF Solar), as a company with rich experience in making photovoltaic modules, has certain developments in the performance applications and advantages of photovoltaic modules. If you are interested in photovoltaic modules, you can contact us, our website is 




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