What is the efficiency of solar modules?
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What is the efficiency of solar modules?

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We all know that solar modules are helpful to our production and life. Solar modules are made of high-efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells, low-iron ultra-white suede tempered glass, packaging materials (EVA, POE, etc.), and functional backplanes. Interconnection bar, bus bar, junction box, and aluminum alloy frame. The service life can reach 15-25 years. In fact, solar modules are efficient. So, what is the efficiency of solar modules? Let's go take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Solar module efficiency

  • The actual efficiency of solar modules

Solar module efficiency

The electrical efficiency of a solar module is a physical characteristic, and the electrical efficiency of a solar module indicates how much electricity the battery can generate under a given solar irradiance. The basic expression for the maximum efficiency of solar modules is given by the ratio of output power to incident solar power (radiation flux times area).

The efficiency is measured under ideal laboratory conditions and represents the maximum achievable efficiency of the solar module or module.

The actual efficiency of solar modules

The actual efficiency of solar modules is affected by temperature, irradiance, and spectrum. The energy conversion efficiency of solar modules for commercial photovoltaics is about 14-22%. The solar cell efficiency of amorphous silicon solar modules is only 6%. In the experimental environment, the experimental multi-junction concentrated photovoltaics achieved an efficiency of 44.0%. In order to obtain the best performance of the actual efficiency of solar modules, the ground photovoltaic system is designed to maximize the time facing the sun. Solar trackers achieve this by moving solar modules to follow the sun. The static installation system can optimize the actual efficiency of solar modules by analyzing the solar path. Solar modules are usually set to tilt in latitude, and the angle is equal to latitude, but the performance of solar modules can be improved by adjusting the angle in summer or winter. Generally, like other semiconductor devices, temperatures higher than room temperature reduce the performance of solar modules.

Traditionally, direct current (DC) generated electricity from solar modules must be converted to the alternating current used in the grid (AC), with an average of 10% loss during the conversion process. Since the battery used in an electric car uses direct current, if he or she can somehow plug the battery directly into the solar module, the owner of such a product may be able to achieve higher efficiency. Battery-powered equipment and vehicles will experience additional efficiency losses of solar modules when transitioning back to DC. Therefore, the manufacture of solar modules also requires a lot of energy.

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