Huawei intelligent photovoltaic: joint innovation and win-win future
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Huawei intelligent photovoltaic: joint innovation and win-win future

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On November 25, Huawei 2020 Joint Innovation Conference was successfully held at Huawei base in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. The conference focused on hot topics such as digital transformation of the industry, AI, 5g, network automatic driving, and carried out in-depth exchanges and experience sharing.

In recent years, Huawei has established a joint innovation center with more than 40 industry benchmark customers and telecom operators around the world to keep abreast of the trend of the times and help customers achieve business success. The results of joint innovation have also been widely used in the world, providing forward-looking scientific and technological support and leading demonstration role for the sustainable development of various industries.

As an important guest of the conference, Pang Xiulan, deputy general manager of the photovoltaic innovation center of the state power investment group, made a wonderful sharing on the theme of "smart photovoltaic joint innovation practice of national power investment photovoltaic innovation center".




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