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In 2021, the reason why the photovoltaic industry is about to usher in a big explosion
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In 2021, the reason why the photovoltaic industry is about to usher in a big explosion

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In 2021, capital will continue to pursue profits. Components, batteries, silicon wafers, silicon materials and other links will still affect the development of this industry.

1、 Underlying logic

Photovoltaic industry, we all know that it has a bright future ten years ago. Duan Yongping bought it, and the industry has made several richest people. However, the industry is quite rough. It has been a decade of bloody storms, and now it finally comes out. The sign is that photovoltaic power can be used on the Internet at a low price.

The industry is beginning to grow tremendously. Maybe most people don't feel deeply about this. They only know that photovoltaic power is cheaper than traditional energy, so it needs to grow greatly. They don't deeply feel the power.

So I have to talk about this first, so that I can understand some inferences. First, I will talk about the principles, and then I will infer. This is the thinking of science and engineering.

2、Capital is for profit.

After 19 years, when the module is 1.5 yuan / W, I calculated that the internal rate of return on investment in photovoltaic power station can easily reach 12% in China. Within 20 years of operation of photovoltaic power station, IRR without subsidy is 12%! What's the meaning of this? It means that you have 12% risk-free returns per year, and some projects even reach 18%. The risk of photovoltaic power station operation is very small. Signing a 20-year power grid contract does not require large fluctuations in raw materials, labor and management. If you build a house for rent, I don't know if there will be no tenants and the rent will drop, right?




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