What are the basic requirements and mesh cracks of solar modules?
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What are the basic requirements and mesh cracks of solar modules?

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The energy converter of solar photovoltaic power generation is the solar module, also known as the photovoltaic cell. The principle of solar module power generation is the photovoltaic effect, so what are the basic requirements of solar modules and the reticular cracks of solar modules? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Basic requirements of solar modules

  • Reticulated cracks of solar modules

Basic requirements of solar modules

The solar module can provide sufficient mechanical strength so that the solar module can withstand the stress caused by the impact and vibration during transportation, installation, and use, and the solar module can withstand the click force of hail. Solar modules have good sealing properties and can prevent wind, water, and corrosion of solar modules under atmospheric conditions. Solar modules have good electrical insulation properties. The solar module has a strong anti-ultraviolet ability. The working voltage of solar modules and the output power of solar modules are designed according to different requirements, and a variety of solar module wiring methods can be provided, and solar modules can meet different voltage, current, and power output requirements. The solar module efficiency loss caused by the series and parallel combination of solar modules is small. The solar modules are connected reliably. Solar modules have a long working life, requiring solar modules to be used for more than 20 years under natural conditions. Under the aforementioned conditions, the cost of solar module packaging is as low as possible.

Reticulated cracks of solar modules

It is caused by an external force during the welding or handling of solar modules. The solar module has not been preheated at low temperature, and after a short period is suddenly exposed to high temperature, it will expand and cause cracking.

The reticular cracks of the solar module will affect the power attenuation of the solar module. The reticular cracks of the solar modules appear fragments for a long time, and the appearance of hot spots directly affects the performance of solar modules. We need to take preventive measures against the reticular cracks of solar modules to avoid the excessive impact of solar modules during the production process. Solar modules must be kept warm (hand soldering) in advance during the welding process. The soldering iron temperature must meet the requirements. The EL test of solar modules must Strictly require inspection.

The manufacturer of Anhui JF Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (JF Solar) is a high-end solar photovoltaic module manufacturer with the most advanced equipment, technology, and quality in the world. Therefore, before the produced solar modules leave the factory, a large number of solar module tests will be carried out to reduce the reticular cracks of the solar modules, and the solar modules produced to meet the basic requirements of solar modules. If you are interested in the affairs of solar modules, you can check We will contact and consult us on related matters. Our website is You are very welcome and look forward to our cooperation.




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