What are the characteristics of solar modules?
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What are the characteristics of solar modules?

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Solar modules have high photoelectric conversion efficiency and high reliability. The solar module has advanced diffusion technology to ensure the uniformity of conversion efficiency everywhere in the chip. Solar modules ensure good electrical conductivity, reliable adhesion, and good electrode solderability. The solar modules have high-precision screen printing graphics and high flatness, and the solar modules make the battery easy to be automatically welded and laser cut. So what are the characteristics of solar modules? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Transparent solar module

  • Solar module laminate structure

  • The main body of solar module power generation

Transparent solar module

The theme of solar module laminate module power generation is aluminum alloy, solar module protects the laminate, and plays a certain sealing and supporting role. The solar module junction box protects the entire power generation system and acts as a current transfer station. If the solar module is short-circuited, the solar module junction box will automatically disconnect the short-circuited battery string to prevent the entire solar module system from being burned. The most important thing in the solar module junction box is the selection of diodes. According to the type of cell in the solar module, the corresponding diode Not the same. Silicone for solar modules is used for sealing at the junction of solar modules and aluminum alloy frames, solar modules, and junction boxes, and used by some companies. my country's domestic solar modules generally use silica gel, which is simple, convenient, and easy to operate, and the cost of silica gel is very low.

Solar module laminate structure

Tempered glass for solar modules is used to protect the main body of power generation (cells). The light transmittance of solar modules is required: the light transmittance of solar modules must be high (generally more than 91%), and the solar modules are super white tempered. The solar module EVA is used to bond and fix the tempered glass and the main body of power generation. The quality of the transparent solar module EVA material directly affects the life of the solar module. The solar module EVA exposed to the air is easy to age and yellow, thereby affecting the light transmission of the solar module. In addition to the quality of solar module EVA itself, the lamination process of solar module manufacturers is also very important. For example, the viscosity of solar module EVA is not up to standard, solar module EVA and tempered glass, solar module back Insufficient bonding strength of the board will cause premature aging of EVA and affect the life of solar modules.

The main body of solar module power generation

The main role of solar module power generation is to generate electricity. The mainstream in the market for solar module power generation is crystalline silicon solar modules and thin-film solar modules. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The cost of crystalline silicon solar modules and solar module equipment is relatively low, but the consumption and the cost of solar modules are high, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar modules is also high, so it is more suitable to generate electricity in outdoor sunlight. Thin-film solar modules have relatively high equipment costs, but the consumption of solar modules and battery costs are very low. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar modules is lower than that of crystalline silicon cells, but the low-light effect is very good. It can also generate electricity under ordinary lights, such as calculators. On the solar cell.

The role of the backplane of solar modules, sealing, insulation, and waterproof (usually TPT, TPE, etc.) materials must be resistant to aging. solar module manufacturers generally have a 25-year warranty. Tempered glass and aluminum alloy are generally okay. The key lies in the back of solar modules. Whether the board and silica gel can meet the requirements.

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