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What are the main raw materials used in the production of photovoltaic modules?
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What are the main raw materials used in the production of photovoltaic modules?

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Photovoltaic modules play a huge role in the development of the solar energy industry, so what are the main raw materials used in the production of photovoltaic modules? Let's go take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Backplane

  • Aluminum frame

  • Junction Box


The materials used as the back sheet of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules are mainly TPT, TPE, and PET. The structure of TPT is a Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar three-layer composite structure, TPE is a two-layer structure with EVA, and PET is a single-layer polyester structure., It is used on the back of photovoltaic modules as backside protection and electrical insulation material.

The back sheet used for crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules requires a longitudinal shrinkage rate of not more than 1.5%. The practice has proved that the outer protective layer of the photovoltaic module backsheet preferably contains fluorine so that it has strong resistance to environmental corrosion. The white photovoltaic module backsheet reflects sunlight. Compared with the black photovoltaic module back sheet, the packaging loss of the photovoltaic module is small, and because the photovoltaic module has a higher infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the working temperature of the module.

Aluminum frame

The main function of the aluminum alloy frame of photovoltaic modules is to protect the glass of photovoltaic modules, facilitate installation and transportation, and increase the sealing performance and overall mechanical strength of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules.

The metal frame for photovoltaic modules is made of aluminum alloy. Solar photovoltaic modules must have a service life of up to 25 years. The aluminum alloy surface of photovoltaic modules must be treated, that is, anodized, and the thickness of the surface oxide layer must be greater than 20μm. The frame used for photovoltaic modules should be unchanged and the surface should not be scratched.

Junction Box

After the positive and negative poles of the crystal solar photovoltaic module are led out from the backplane, a special electrical connection box is needed to realize the connection with the external circuit.

To ensure the 25-year service life of photovoltaic modules, the junction box should be made of engineering plastic injection molding, with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation agents added to photovoltaic modules to ensure that photovoltaic modules will not be aging and cracked in long-term outdoor use. The terminal should be made of electrolytic copper plated with nickel to ensure electrical conduction and reliable electrical connection. The junction box of the photovoltaic module should be glued on the surface of the TPT with silicone rubber. The requirements for the junction box for solar photovoltaic modules are: the shell has good anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance, meets the requirements of using photovoltaic modules under harsh outdoor environmental conditions, and the junction box IP for crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules.

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