What are the requirements and precautions for PV modules?
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What are the requirements and precautions for PV modules?

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We know that PV modules play a very important role in our daily production and life. The PV modules produced have certain requirements, and there are precautions when using PV modules, so the requirements of PV modules and what are the precautions? Let's take a look together next. Let us know more about PV modules together.

Here is the content list:

  • Requirements for PV modules

  • Precautions for PV modules

Requirements for PV modules

Since the single photovoltaic module itself is easily broken and easily corroded, if it is directly exposed to the atmosphere, the photoelectric conversion efficiency will decrease due to the influence of moisture, dust, acid rain, etc., resulting in damage to the photovoltaic module. Therefore, PV modules generally must be packaged into a flat structure by means of glue sealing, lamination, etc. before being put into use. The requirement of the photovoltaic module is that the photovoltaic module has a certain nominal working current output power. The long working life of PV modules requires that the PV modules can work normally for 20 to 30 years. Therefore, the materials, parts, and structures used in PV modules are required to be consistent with each other in terms of service life to avoid failure of the entire photovoltaic module due to one damage. With sufficient mechanical strength, PV modules can withstand the conflicts, vibrations, and other stresses that occur during transportation, installation, and use. The loss of electrical performance caused by the combination of PV modules is small, and the cost of photovoltaic module combination is low. 

Precautions for PV modules

When using PV modules, pay attention to the following items:

Whether the outer surface of the photovoltaic module is broken, cracked, cracked, bent, irregular, or damaged. Whether the connecting wires, connectors, and plug-in PV modules are in good condition, and whether the leads and live parts of the PV modules are exposed. Whether the sealing degree of the photovoltaic module is intact, and whether the sealing material of the photovoltaic module has failed. Whether a continuous channel of bubbles or delamination is formed between the frame of the photovoltaic module and the battery. Then it is whether the photovoltaic module junction box is installed and fixed firmly. 

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