What is the essence and efficiency of solar panel power generation?
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What is the essence and efficiency of solar panel power generation?

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We know that solar panels can generate electricity and have certain power generation properties and power generation efficiency. Then, what are the power generation properties and power generation efficiency of solar power? Let's go take a look next.

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  • The power of solar panels

  • Power generation efficiency of solar panels

The power of solar panels

A solar panel is a device that responds to light and can convert light energy into electricity. Many kinds of materials can produce a photovoltaic effect in solar panels, such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, and indium copper selenide, and so on. Their power generation principles are basically the same, and now take crystalline silicon as an example to describe the process of photovoltaic power generation. P-type crystalline silicon can be doped with phosphorus to obtain N-type silicon, forming a PN junction.

When light illuminates the surface of the solar panel, some of the photons are absorbed by the silicon material. The energy of the photon is transferred to the silicon atom, causing the electrons to undergo a transition, becoming free electrons that gather on both sides of the PN junction to form a potential difference. When the circuit is connected to the outside, a current will flow through the outside under the action of this voltage. The circuit produces a certain output power. So the essence of the process of solar panels is the process of converting photon energy into electrical energy.

Power generation efficiency of solar panels

The highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar is 24%, which is the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of all types of solar panels. However, the production cost of monocrystalline silicon solar panels is so great that the solar panels cannot be widely and widely used. In terms of production cost, polycrystalline silicon solar panels are cheaper than monocrystalline silicon solar panels, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar panels is much lower. In addition, the service life of polycrystalline silicon solar panels is also shorter than that of monocrystalline silicon solar panels... Therefore, in terms of cost performance, monocrystalline silicon solar panels are slightly better.

Researchers have found that some compound semiconductor materials are suitable for solar photovoltaic conversion films. For example, CDs, CdTe; III-V compound semiconductors: GaAs, AIPInP, etc.; thin-film solar panels made of these semiconductors show very good photoelectric conversion efficiency. The solar panel has a semiconductor material with multiple gradient band gaps, expanding the solar energy absorption spectrum and improving photoelectric conversion efficiency. Solar panels make a large number of practical applications of thin-film solar cells that present broad prospects. Cu(In, Ga)Se2 is an excellent solar light-absorbing material among these multi-element semiconductor materials. Based on solar panels, thin-film solar panels with significantly higher photoelectric conversion efficiency than silicon can be designed, and the achievable photoelectric conversion rate is 18%.

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