What is the installation and tracking of solar modules?
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What is the installation and tracking of solar modules?

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Solar modules need to be installed and tracked, so what is the installation and tracking of solar modules? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Solar module installation

  • Solar module tracking

Solar module installation

The solar module system installed on the ground is usually a large utility-scale solar power plant. Their solar modules are held in place by racks or frames connected to ground mounting brackets. The solar module ground installation bracket includes a solar module pole-type installation seat, which can be directly driven into the ground or embedded in concrete. Solar module base supports, such as concrete slabs or cast footings. A ballasted solar module base support, such as a concrete or steel base that uses weight to fix the solar module system in place and does not require ground penetration. This type of solar module installation system is very suitable for sites that cannot be excavated, such as covered landfills, and simplifies the decommissioning or relocation of the solar module system.

The roof-mounted solar module power generation system consists of solar modules, which are fixed in place by a solar module rack or frame connected to a roof mounting bracket. Roof-based mounting brackets include rail solar module mounts, which are directly connected to the solar module roof structure, and additional solar module rails that can be used to connect the module rack or frame.

Ballasted solar module base supports, such as concrete or steel bases that use weight to hold the panel system in place and do not need to penetrate. This installation method allows the solar module system to be decommissioned or relocated without adversely affecting the roof structure.

Solar module tracking

All wiring connecting adjacent solar modules to energy harvesting equipment must be installed under local electrical codes, and solar trackers should be laid in pipelines suitable for climatic conditions. Each solar energy has been increased at the expense of increased mechanical complexity and maintenance requirements The energy produced by the component. The solar module senses the direction of the sun and tilts or rotates the module as needed to maximize exposure to light. Or, the fixed rack fixes the solar modules at a given inclination (zenith angle) and facing a given direction (azimuth angle) throughout the day. An inclination angle equal to the installation latitude is common. Some systems can also adjust the tilt angle of solar modules according to the time of year. Similarly, to maximize the total energy output of solar modules, solar modules usually face south (in the northern hemisphere) or north (in the southern hemisphere). On the other hand, east-facing and west-facing arrays (such as covering east-west roofs) may also be useful for solar modules. Although such devices may not produce the maximum possible total energy, the power output of solar modules may be more consistent throughout the day and may be greater during peak demand periods.

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